Restrict Data Access For Better Cyber Security

Recent technological advances have allowed small businesses to take the reins and grow at unprecedented rates. Unfortunately, these same technologies can also have a negative impact on businesses of any size in that they create an entirely new security threat. Cyber criminals have been hacking into the networks of businesses both large and small and wreaking havoc, stealing customer’s information and tarnishing businesses’ reputations in addition to causing financial ruin. Read on to find out how to restrict data access and prevent cyber crimes.

Install a Good Anti-virus Program

Most computers come with some form of anti-virus protection, but it isn’t intended to protect sensitive information. It’s best to install a highly rated program and to be sure to regularly download updates and patches. Cyber criminals are smart, and they know how to exploit the system, so even stellar anti-virus software needs to be updated constantly.

Encrypt Everything and Create Strong Passwords

This one is simple. Encrypt any information that is sent over the internet connection. Set up passwords for the Wi-Fi and the router, and make sure the network is hidden. Employees should also be instructed to set up strong passwords for all of their accounts.

Restrict Access to a Need-to-Know Basis

There is no reason that every employee in the company needs to have access to every piece of data stored on its servers. Similarly, there are typically very few employees that really require administrative privileges.

Don’t Allow Personal Computers

Don’t ever allow employees to make use of their personal electronic devices for work purposes. This could give cyber criminals an easy access point if their computers or other devices are not well-protected. It’s also a good idea to set authorizations for individuals accessing the company’s computers. Lock up the laptops when not in use, and create unique user IDs to help track computer use.

Regulate Mobile Devices

There is no way to effectively prevent employees from bringing their mobile devices to work, but asking them to password protect any personal devices that are brought in and to refrain from using them for company business can certainly help. Today’s cyber criminals have a lot in common with the burglars of yesteryear. They are looking for an easy target. That’s why taking even these simple steps can make a big difference in terms of deterrence.