Simple Relationship Killers to Steer Away From

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to please your boyfriend or girlfriend. Nevertheless, too much “pleasing” may lead them to abuse your good graces. This may also lead your significant other to believe you are weak, causing them to ultimately lose interest in you. To maintain desire and interest, a healthy relationship means challenging the other person sometimes. In the long run, this habit can ruin any relationship, along with the other relationship killers listed below.

Sexual killers

For many, going to the bathroom in front of one another may seem harmless, but in the long run, it creates a climate of familiarity leading to contempt, and it surely kills sexual desire. Another thing that will ruin your sex life is being overly friendly with their mother. According to various relationship specialists, a man cannot confuse his mother-in-law with his girlfriend. To most, this may seem like common sense but there are some people who take kindness way too far. For instance, no man or woman should ever indulge certain information to their mother-in-law. Your love life, the amount of money you spend, how many times you have sex a day – it can all kill the relationship dead in its tracks. One study also showed that being too close to your in-laws would increase the chances of divorce.

Always being together

Happy couples devote as much time to their careers, social life and personal lives as to their love life. To have separate activities and to realize each person has their own space from time to time is crucial when trying to maintain admiration and desire for the other. Doing things for your partner all the time can send them the message that you are there to cater to their needs alone. People have to let their partners know they care in a way that doesn’t damage their credibility. Doing chores around the house every once in a while is a great way to keep love alive; Just don’t do everything all the time. It makes it seem like you’re trying to win their love. Following the above tips could strengthen your chances at a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.