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What Is Term Life Insurance?

As what the name implies, term life insurance is a kind of life insurance that you buy for set period of time. Since these policies do not have cash value component, the amount you pay for the premium is used for keeping the policy active. These premium amounts ought to be paid for the term of the policy and the moment that it is terminated, you then stop paying the premium as the coverage expires. Term life insurance is therefore among the cheaper plans that you can get for life insurance.

On the other hand, the term life insurance is divided in level term wherein the death benefit and the premium stays constant for the whole length of the term no matter if it’s 10 years, 20 or even 30 years long. Most of the time, you can get term insurance policies that can span from 1 to 20 years. At the end of your term, you aren’t going to receive return on all money you’d paid towards the policy.

In the event that you die prior the termination of your term on the other hand, then your loved ones are going to receive the full amount of the policy. The rates for term life insurance stays for the same amount and will be cheaper than whole life policy rates. They’re typically the better choice as for the premiums of term policy is around 10 percent of that whole life insurance policy. Whole life insurance policies on the other hand are offering protection along with investment opportunity.

By the time when the term policies matured, they’re going to expire without investments. This is nothing to be worried about as it is often wise to pay for protection and use the cash remaining for making smart investments. Aside from that, you don’t necessarily need the insurance anymore as you got enough savings to rely on by the time when the policy expired. There are a lot of people getting this insurance coverage so by that, they can reduce their debts as they get coverage until they retire wherein most of their debts are paid off.

In such policies, the premium amount stays to be the same while the death benefit is reduced every single year. As a matter of fact, when the policy expires, the death benefit typically reaches zero too.

Term life insurance have no cash value element because the premium amount you pay directly goes to the policy coverage and doesn’t accumulate or earn interest. But there are benefits for buying term life insurance like the fact that it is cheaper, variable and universal life insurance policies.