What Are Instances Of A Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice cases derive from one of many circumstances. These circumstances begin with a doctor’s failure to provide adequate health care to their patients. When their patients submit a legal claim, the patient must identify the exact circumstances of their injuries or conditions. The following are instances of a medical malpractice managed by a new york attorney.

Surgical Errors that Cause Injuries

Surgical errors occur due to a failure to follow proper protocol, a lack of knowledge, or extenuating circumstances. Among the extenuating circumstances linked to surgeries gone wrong are intoxication, drug use, and extreme exhaustion. According to state and federal laws, a doctor is legally prohibited from performing surgical procedures if any of these conditions exist. Under these circumstances, the medical board will investigate the doctor and question all medical staff that was present during the procedure.

Prescribing the Wrong Medication

All patient records identify any medications in which the patient has an existing allergy. These records also define the reaction most likely to occur due to the administration of these medications. Additionally, medical records and studies define more effective treatment strategies for certain condition. The doctor is liable if they prescribe a medication that could cause an allergic reaction. They are also liable if the patient’s condition worsens due to the administration of inferior medications.

Utilizing Inferior Testing Options

Doctors have access to updated and superior testing options through a network of medical facilities. When the doctor has access to better testing options, they are required by law to provide access to this equipment for their patient. A doctor that refuses or otherwise fails to diagnose a deadly disease due to their own testing preferences is liable for all injuries or fatalities that occur.

Acts of Malice

An act of malice is identified when a doctor fails to provide high-quality care due to their own personal beliefs. These beliefs and opinions are based on religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Any violent act that occurs at the hands of a doctor are classified under this category and could lead to criminal charges.

Medical malpractice cases are based on a variety of occurrences. These occurrences are linked to some form of failure on the doctor’s part. Victims of these actions contact an attorney start a legal claim today.